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I-Team vs We-Team

Agile Agile Agile....  The loudest buzzword of many I get to hear lately.  Even though we hear it does it actually sink in to our everyday practices.  So many seem to know the Agile Manifesto to heart, and also the 12 principles.  What is interesting to me in working in some of the teams is that even though we call our team an agile team, it still acts like the old waterfall project work.

I could spell out many reasons why I see conflicts that inject a lot of churn within the team.  However the biggest and I believe root cause is the word TEAM itself.   For instance within your own group have you ever said or heard something like, "we all should be responsible for the outcome"?  Then when someone is asked to do something a little outside their comfort zone they get mad or offensive and say "That is not my job", or "I do not feel qualified to do that."

This is what I like to call the I-Team.  Or Individual Team.  In General these people can come from an a…