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Crude Ruby Script to ask for a Password to use for Private git Repo

The Intro Good ole Docker. It is a powerful tool to setup your environments whether in production, dev or test. Plowing through and building a new container I discovered I had the need or want to pass an argument to the Dockerfile and let it log me into a private repo.

The Environment Variable.  Looking through the Dockerfile documentation on
the website I saw this wonderful looking thing called an environment variable. When I first looked at it I thought that meant that we could pass them in from the host cli running the docker command. I was dead wrong. The environment variable does create a variable but its only for the container's environment. So what does that mean for us. Well if you think about the reason for Docker is for an unattended setup of an environment. Now if I were going to do this completely automated then I would probably create a ssh key and copy it over using Dockerfile. This is not what I wanted. I really wanted a seperation where I didn't stor…