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Zabel Crest

The surname ZABEL seems to have come from trappers of the Sable.

The idea for this crest was that of M. Jean (Culp) Naiman.

The artist was Ray Hansen a commercial artist, who attended church with Carol Hesselgesser.

The image of the Sable was copied from the dictionary, the rest was free hand.  It is my impression that the crest is to represent the immigration from Pommern to Nebraska and the occupations of the respective  generations.

Harrington Crest

The surname HARRINGTON is locative  in origin which is to say derived from a place so named, one of which lies in the county of Cumberland.

Once everyone was known by a single name but this led to confusion and so an extra name was adopted. Thus, a man named John who hailed from Harrington might be known as "John (of) Harrington", the additional name eventually becoming hereditary as a surname.

Early records mention Recardus de Heryngton in the Poll Tax returns of the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1379.

William Harrington who died in 1523 was a noted divine. James Harrington (1664-1694) was a lawyer & poet who published many pamphlets.

Among early emigrants from England to America was - Edward Harrington who is recorded in Virginia in 1643. Mark Waldrod Harrington (1848-1926) was an eminent American astronomer.

The arms illustrated may be described heraldically as: Sable, a fret argent; Crest: a lion's head or tongued and collared gules buckled or; and for Motto: &quo…