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Breakfast Tacos

IngredientsTaco ShellsCheeseBaconEggsPrepareCook bacon to desired crispyness.Cook and scramble eggs.Bake taco shells at 350 for 8 to 10 minPut eggs, cheese and bacon in Taco shellsEat your wonderful new breakfast tacos.

MICR Check Printing - Tips for Improving results

Chances are these days if your business has the technology of this century you may be printing your own checks rather than writing them out by hand. If so then you are probably also familiar with MICR printing. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This process uses a specialized toner that usually contains an iron oxide so that a check reader can properly read the symbols at the bottom of the check that make a routing and account number.In rolling out printers for the last year I have discover 3 major pieces that can really smooth your results out and have 100% passing rate for your checks.1. Uniform DocumentThe first thing in any type of document that gets printed is that no matter what content may change the format and placing of certain areas are uniform. For example on a check you may change who the check is to. You might even have a summary of what all the check includes on the check register section. These items must not move the routing number.2. Clean Prin…