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Zabel Crest

The surname ZABEL seems to have come from trappers of the Sable.

The idea for this crest was that of M. Jean (Culp) Naiman.

The artist was Ray Hansen a commercial artist, who attended church with Carol Hesselgesser.

The image of the Sable was copied from the dictionary, the rest was free hand.  It is my impression that the crest is to represent the immigration from Pommern to Nebraska and the occupations of the respective  generations.

Harrington Crest

The surname HARRINGTON is locative  in origin which is to say derived from a place so named, one of which lies in the county of Cumberland.

Once everyone was known by a single name but this led to confusion and so an extra name was adopted. Thus, a man named John who hailed from Harrington might be known as "John (of) Harrington", the additional name eventually becoming hereditary as a surname.

Early records mention Recardus de Heryngton in the Poll Tax returns of the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1379.

William Harrington who died in 1523 was a noted divine. James Harrington (1664-1694) was a lawyer & poet who published many pamphlets.

Among early emigrants from England to America was - Edward Harrington who is recorded in Virginia in 1643. Mark Waldrod Harrington (1848-1926) was an eminent American astronomer.

The arms illustrated may be described heraldically as: Sable, a fret argent; Crest: a lion's head or tongued and collared gules buckled or; and for Motto: &quo…

Javascript - Rounding numbers to decimal

function roundNumber(number, decimal) { returnMath.round(number *Math.pow(10, decimal)) /Math.pow(10, decimal); }
How it worksThe first thing to understand is how the Math.round() function works in Javascript. The round function takes what ever number that it is given and strips off everything after the decimal point. So if you have a number like 343.12345678 it will return 343. For this example lets say you want to have 2 decimal points left for your output like 343.12. To get the decimal points that we want we need to move the decimal point over 2 spots so that they will not be removed from the round function. Each decimal place is a factor of 10. Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths, etc.Lets now multiply 343.12345678 by 10^2. 10 is the decimal and the 2 is how many we need to move.You should get 34312.345678. Now if you use the round function you will get 34312 right?So now that we have all the correct numbers we need to get the number back to the right value. 34312 is way bigger than…

Windows 7 ODBC Tricks

If you are migrating over to Windows 7 and running 64bit there may be some issues when trying to use 32bit ODBC drivers.
Step 1. Navigate to c:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory
Step 2. Run odbcad32.exe

From here you will be able to configure your ODBC DSN.

Breakfast Tacos

IngredientsTaco ShellsCheeseBaconEggsPrepareCook bacon to desired crispyness.Cook and scramble eggs.Bake taco shells at 350 for 8 to 10 minPut eggs, cheese and bacon in Taco shellsEat your wonderful new breakfast tacos.

MICR Check Printing - Tips for Improving results

Chances are these days if your business has the technology of this century you may be printing your own checks rather than writing them out by hand. If so then you are probably also familiar with MICR printing. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This process uses a specialized toner that usually contains an iron oxide so that a check reader can properly read the symbols at the bottom of the check that make a routing and account number.In rolling out printers for the last year I have discover 3 major pieces that can really smooth your results out and have 100% passing rate for your checks.1. Uniform DocumentThe first thing in any type of document that gets printed is that no matter what content may change the format and placing of certain areas are uniform. For example on a check you may change who the check is to. You might even have a summary of what all the check includes on the check register section. These items must not move the routing number.2. Clean Prin…

Javascript SOAP Client

Sometimes it is nice to get data using a SOAP call. However with using Javascript there are some disadvantages and hurdles that you may need to over come. As with any fun little project you will need some materials before we get started.Favorite Text EditorBrowserEndpoint for the SOAP call - should be a urlSOAP request stringIf you have all these things ready to go, the next thing we need to make sure of is that the proper headers are set on the server side. If this is not your server that your are trying to hit then you will need to ask the administrator of the server if they can fix up the proper access.The Headers we need areAccess-Control-Allow-Origin: * Access-Control-Allow-Methods: POST Access-Control-Allow-Headers: SOAPAction, Content-Type If you happen to have a PHP SOAP server you can add these lines to the top of your code. Please remember that the header functions will need to load before you start printing other text to the page.header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *&…