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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Been playing around with Rust lang and I have to say I am starting to really enjoy it as a low level programming language.  Its kinda cool to have some modern functionality from the beginning.  Now as a software developer I can get excited but what about being a test developer.  One should probably think those are the same thing.  Well I wont start up that argument but I tend to believe they are one in the same.

Lets do some basic coding. We can create us a new library called test_example.
$ cargo new test_example

This will create you a basic structure for a project. Included will be a src directory. Underneath that you will see lib.rs. You can open this up in your favorite text editor and see something that looks like.
mod test {
    fn it_works() {
So you could run this right now and get some passing tests.
$ cargo test
Lets simplify what we are looking a little more. Change your lib.rs to look like.
pub fn truthy() -> bool {
    return true;

fn its_truthy() {
Now you have a test that checks for the truthiness of truthy. Happy developing. On your red mark, get set on green, refactor...

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