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What Isaiah might say.

Monday, January 6, 2014
During my daily bible study I came upon Isaiah 1:1-20 and thought wow this sounds really familiar. I thought to myself... I wonder what it would sound like if Isaiah the prophet lived in the United States and saw all the things that are happening today. What would he say. This is my take. Maybe this could inspire you to take a crack at it on your own.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States of America please take this to your heart. The sons and daughters of current and future generations are revolting against the Lord God Most High. We have lost the common knowledge of whom we serve, and placed and idol of money, and property in His glorious place. We are the richest sinful nation in the world, and are weighed down by the luxurious appeal of corruption and iniquity of others. We have abandoned the Lord, have no regret for the sin in our hearts and have completely turned away from him. When will this rebellion end? When will we see that the pain and suffering of bad health, depression, social decay and lack of compassion is wrong. From one end of the universe to the other there is not one good thing that can come from the rebellion against God. Our land is becoming a wasted land being devoured by strangers that our founding fathers were against. Thankfully God has left good people in our land or it would be completely destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah of old. It is time for us all to learn to do good, seek justice, and remove the ruthless malice in our hearts. Let us defend the helpless and lift up our fellow believers and non believers. Let us show compassion, and that we can make mistakes, yet admit that we made the mistakes and repent for them as sins. Let us reason together with the lord and say “Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool”. If we consent and obey we may have the best of the land. However if we refuse we will loose it all.

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